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** NEW** Micro-Dairy Case Study Video

On April 4, at the OMAF and MRA- U of G Partnership Knowledge Exchange Day 2013: The KTT Toolbox, we took part in a workshop that discussed the processes involved in gathering and responding to user feedback, and the positive changes in the digital toolkit that resulted.

At the same event, Jordan Vander Klok won the Student Video Contest with his video “Building Regional Food Hubs in Ontario: A Micro-Dairy Case Study” [YouTube] – part of a series of video case studies currently being conducted by Nourishing Ontario.

Congratulations, Jordan!!

How Millions of Farmers are Advancing Agriculture For Themselves

published by Independent Science News
Jonathan Latham (December 3rd, 2012)

Synopsis: A farmer-led revolution in agriculture is underway. Small farmers
around the world are dramatically boosting their yields and productivity by
adopting a growing system called SCI (System of Crop Intensification).

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