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Food Systems Academy

October 27, 2014
Introducing a new open-education resource to transform our food systems. The Food Systems Academy is a free video library giving a succinct overview of food in our world today. This open access series of talks examines the complex and multidisciplinary nature of food systems, while suggesting desirable directions for creating a well-fed world at peace. Contributors include Harriet Friedmann, Peter Drahos, Paul Rogers, Malcolm Dando, Janice Jiggins, Olivier de Schutter, Elizabeth Dowler and Geoff Tansey.

Food systems around the world have been radically transformed in the past 200 years. Yet over 800 million people go hungry and 1.4bn are overweight. Food systems will be further transformed this century in the face of globalisation, climate change and a world population of 9-10 billion. The key questions are how, in whose interests and to what ends?