Peer-Reviewed Papers

Our themed issue is available in Local Environment:

Sustainable Local Food Spaces: Constructing Communities of Food

Intro: Constructing resilient, transformative communities through sustainable “food hubs”
Alison Blay-Palmer, Karen Landman, Irena Knezevic, Ryan Hayhurst

Field of Dreams: Just Food’s Proposal to Create a Community Food and Urban Agriculture Hub in Ottawa
Patricia Ballamingie and Sarah M.L. Walker

Kitchen as food hub: Adaptive food systems governance in the City of Toronto
Joel Fridman and Lindsey Lenters

Local Food Plus: the connective tissue in local/sustainable supply chain development
Alissa Mae Campbell and Rod MacRae

The Uneven Geographies of Community Food Initiatives in Southwestern Ontario
Erin Nelson, Irena Knezevic and Karen Landman

Visualizing the Structures and Governance of Alternative Food Networks in Ontario
Phil Mount and Peter Andrée

Barriers to the Local Food Movement: Ontario’s community food projects and the capacity for convergence
Phil Mount, Shelley Hazen, Shawna Holmes, Evan Fraser, Anthony Winson, Irena Knezevic,  Erin Nelson, Lisa Ohberg, Peter Andrée, Karen Landman

Community-based research for food system policy development in the City of Guelph, Ontario
Ryan Douglas Hayhurst, Frances Dietrich-O’connor, Shelley Hazen & Karen Landman

Complexity and food hubs: five case studies from Northern Ontario
Mirella L. Stroink and Connie H. Nelson

Replacing neoliberalism: theoretical implications of the rise of local food movements
Terry Marsden and Alex Franklin