Phil Mount

Phil is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, and a researcher with Nourishing Communities. Along with Irena Knezevic, Phil leads Project SOIL – looking at the benefits of on-site  food production at public institutions, through collaborative arrangements with local food producers.

Phil’s broader research program looks at the social and informal economy of food; how local food systems address the challenges of scale and growth; the governance of sustainable regional and alternative food systems; and network and systems mapping. Phil spends his spare time as Associate Director of Just Food, Book Review Editor of Canadian Food Studies, and on the Conference coordination committee of Bring Food Home 2017Upstream collaboration en amont, October 26-29 2017, in Ottawa!



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  1. Charles Kouassi

    Hi Mr. Mount,
    I would like to receive the full report of ”Models and Best Practices for Building Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario and Beyond”. Thanks for theyour committment and have a great day!

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