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Ecological Farming Internship Opportunities

from Nicola Inglefield, CRAFT South-West Ontario

CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is an informal, member-driven network of farmers that offer internships on their organic and ecological farms. It is now the time of year when we begin sharing our available internship opportunities with folks who we think would be most interested in participating.

Many people who apply to internships on CRAFT farms are students from environmental, biological, and agricultural fields of study, as well as political science, international development, and food science disciplines. Whether the goal is a summer of exploration or a school co-op placement (or both!), CRAFT member farms offer internships that provide hands-on learning experiences where interns gain practical skills, while learning about themselves in the process.  As a two-time alumnus of the CRAFT program, I highly recommend it!

For details of Ecological Farming Internship Opportunities (pdf).

For more details and farm contact information, visit our website.

Settlement, Food Lands, and Sustainable Habitation

The Historical Development of Agricultural Policy and Urban Planning in Southern Ontario

Joel Fridman

Couched between a west branch of the Humber River on one side and rows of houses on the other, in the heart of suburban Brampton just north and west of Toronto, sits 45 acres of prime, certified organic soil cultivated by 36 new farmers – 20 different farm enterprises in all. These 45 acres make up McVean Farm, one of two farms run by FarmStart, an organization based in Guelph, Ontario that seeks to support a new generation of farmers. Read more

Thesis for Masters of Arts in Geography, Collaborative Program in Environmental Studies, Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto