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The Social Economy of Food and the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy

The webinar Strengthening Ontario’s Food System: A Collaborative Approach (March 9, 2017) is now available online (YouTube). The webinar summarizes the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy (OFNS), and presents the rationale and evidence for 25 priority policy options within three strategic directions: healthy food access, food literacy and skills, and healthy food systems. The webinar also provides a snapshot of programs and policies currently underway that support the OFNS, including a summary of the case studies from the Nourishing Communities research into Social and Informal Economies of Food.


Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy

A Plan for Healthy Food and Food Systems
October 2014

The Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy Design Team has identified the need for a cross-government, multi-stakeholder coordinated approach to address food policy and program development and to develop a plan for healthy food and farming in Ontario.

This framework is the result of consultations with over 40 representatives of agriculture, farm, food, nutrition and health groups, engagement with First Nations and Aboriginal service providers, as well as online surveys with over 200 submissions between 2012 and 2014.

Over the coming months, the OFNS Design Team will work on the development of a technical report to accompany the strategy and undertake a collective impact approach.   Collective Impact involves diverse organizations coming together to solve a complex social problem and for a common purpose – creating alignment, commitment, policy and trust and coordinating across sectors.

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