Kitchen as food hub: Adaptive food systems governance in the City of Toronto

Joel Fridman, Masters Student, Geography, University of Toronto;
Lindsey Lenters, Masters Student, Geography, University of Toronto;
with Lauren Baker, Director, Toronto Food Policy Council;
Seodhna Keon, Toronto Public Health


This paper discusses how the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) and Toronto Food Strategy (TFS), as part of the municipal government of Toronto, work to facilitate a number of community food and food systems initiatives. We use the example of community kitchens to illustrate how their work facilitates access to community space around the city, and in the process, supports the creation of food hubs. Outcomes of this discussion are two-fold: we identify community kitchens as current and potential food hubs, and speak to their capacity to promote a myriad of community benefits and address some aspects of community food insecurity. As well, by offering an account of the work of the TFPC and TFS in facilitating access to increased kitchen space, we highlight efforts of inter-scalar urban organizing and adaptive food system governance.

Key Words: community kitchen; adaptive governance; municipal food policy; Toronto Food Policy Council; Toronto Food Strategy

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