Local Food Plus: the connective tissue in local / sustainable supply chain development

Alissa Campbell, Masters Student, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University;
Rod MacRae, Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University


Local Food Plus is a non-governmental organization that blurs the lines between traditional community and private sector functions by creating space for buyers and sellers to meet; building trust among diverse food system actors; and creating new markets for goods. This article uses a participatory action research method to explore these functions in detail. Section 1 examines how LFP has both emerged from a community of food practice and in turn become a pivot in creating new communities of practice within values-based food chains. Section 2 identifies and analyses the diversity of tools that have proven essential to LFP’s model. Section 3 examines how LFP has contributed to alternative norm construction by balancing various conventions. Finally, section 4 explains LFP’s engagement with the state and other “strange bedfellows” to advance change, to ultimately comment on LFP’s role in fostering food hub development.

Keywords: food hubs; community of practice; values-based supply chains; conventions theory; local food.

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