Supply Management

Research Theme E
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  • on-farm micro dairies
  • Sunworks Farm in Alberta
  • selling direct
  • flexible / increased quota exemptions
    [see Sustain Ontario’s chart of provincial exemptions]
  • Sustain Ontario’s campaign for alternatives within supply management
  • NFU-O recommendations to Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) Consultation on Small-Flock Policy (2008)
  • Practical Farmers of Ontario’s Small Flock Campaign – with January 18 2013 letter of rejection from CFO, which states (among other things):
    • “The number of registrants of small flock growers has remained relatively stable since the inception of the program and the magnitude of the numbers strongly indicate that the program continues to present a worthwhile avenue for interested persons.”
    • “Most importantly, the purpose of the small flock program was not to create a commercially viable alternate avenue for chicken production and marketing such that it would have a displacement effect for commercial chicken production and marketing. In objecting to the small flock program on the basis of it being insufficient for commercial purposes, PFO has essentially misinterpreted the point of the program in that regard. Commercial chicken production and marketing in Ontario is undertaken in accordance with the quota system. Furthermore, and in the context of such system, there have been instances where CFO has granted exemptions to the minimum quota requirements and permitted producers to acquire less than the minimum amount, particularly in the context of servicing niche or specialty production markets, such as organic production.”
    • “The local board’s design of its program was not undertaken with any desire to parallel other provinces. Rather, the local board determined that its small flock program was appropriate for Ontario. The local board believes that that continues to be the case.”


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