Web-based Community Food Toolkit goes ‘live’

Nourishing Ontario constructed a community food toolkit, to help local food initiatives develop sustainable regional food systems. As part of an Agri-Food and Rural Link-funded project, (the knowledge translation and transfer program of the OMAF and MRA- U of G Partnership), we converted this Sustainable Communities of Food toolkit into a web-based platform, using feedback from our community and research partners on both the physical and web-based versions.

On April 4, at the OMAF and MRA- U of G Partnership Knowledge Exchange Day 2013: The KTT Toolbox, we took part in a workshop that ran through the processes involved in gathering and dealing with the feedback, and the positive changes in the digital toolkit that resulted.

We have also coordinated the development of this web-based Community Food Toolkit with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and University of Guelph Partnership / Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) Funding Program website, where the description of our project and links to our web-based Toolkit are now ‘live’.

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