Canadian “family farm” in the twenty-first century

We would like to invite you to participate in a study entitled Canadian “family farm” in the twenty-first century. This study aims to better understand how well the term “family farm” applies to today’s farms in Canada. Our research team consists of Irena Knezevic (Carleton University), Kelly Bronson (St. Thomas University) and Chantal Clement (graduate student at Carleton University).

We are interested in speaking to Canadian farmers over the age of 18, whose farms fit the designation of a “family farm”.  (A family farm is any farm not managed by a commune, co-operative, or a non-family corporation). If you are interested to participate you will be asked for one 30-60 minute phone interview. For more details or questions about the study,  or to participate in this research project, please contact me at


Irena Knezevic, Assistant Professor

School of Journalism and Communication

Carleton University


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