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FLEdGE Project Co-ordinator applications, closing date

Project Co-ordinator, FLEdGE

UPDATE: Those intending to apply to the ‘FLEdGE Project Co-ordinator’ position should send applications before 11:59 p.m., Sunday January 22, 2017!

Food: Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged (FLEdGE) is a research and knowledge sharing partnership. We are committed to fostering food systems that are socially just, ecologically regenerative, economically localized & that engage citizens.

FLEdGE seeks an engaged, experienced, adaptable project coordinator who is passionate about local sustainable food.
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Farmlands and Succession Services Capacity Building Project

FarmStart Job Posting / RFP

FarmStart is seeking an individual or consultant to work closely with our staff team and with various technical consultants and advisors to assess the feasibility, analyze and identify the necessary capacity, and develop business plans for the following farmland and farm succession services:

  1. Matchmaking Services: Identify the opportunities and costs of providing matchmaking services for farmland owners including non-farmers, retiring or downsizing farmers, institutions, as well as corporate landholders.
  2. Coaching Services for Farm Seekers: The goal is to provide coaching and advising services for farm seekers to help them through farm opportunity assessments, contract negotiations, whole farm planning, and creative and traditional financing. Develop a plan for a series of workshops, structured coaching, and for-fee coaching services that will be provided by working with existing farm business advisors and rural realtors.
  3. Management Services for the Development of Farm Condos and Community Farms: Work with our established Municipal partners to develop the feasibility assessment, planning documents, and investment structures to build a pilot Condo Farm that would be financed by local investors.

This could be a 6-month employment contract within FarmStart, or the work could be completed by an external consultant.
We expect this feasibility assessment and capacity building work may result in new employment opportunities implementing new programming or services.

For scope, deliverables, timeline, salary/budget and application process please see Succession Services RFP – Job Posting[pdf 40 kB].

Questions about this posting may also be sent to jobs@farmstart.ca