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Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

from the RUAF Foundation—a Centre for Sustainable Food Systems collaborator…

On 15 October, more than 100 cities signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. The Pact consists of a series of tangible commitments for sustainable urban food policies. Signatory Mayors from cities in the Global North and South pledge to develop actions and strategies to improve their urban food system. Read more

The text of the Pact and the framework for action are available in ENG, IT, FR, SP, Dutch, Russian, Arabic on:


Also an e-book was developed collecting 49 good practices from signatory cities that already demonstrate actions, policies and results in various fields such as food waste reduction and reuse, urban and peri-urban agriculture, improved governance and sustainable diets. The e-book—Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. Selected Good Practices from Cities—can be downloaded at: http://www.ruaf.org/publications/books-and-papers or http://www.fondazionefeltrinelli.it/article/ebook-utopie-milan-urban-food-policy-pact/

All documents were developed in a participatory process by the cities, with support of the city of Milan and a Technical Team, including staff of the RUAF Foundation.

RUAF, along with FAO Food for Cities and other City Region Food System collaborators, will continue working with the municipality of Milan on the post Pact process to assist cities in translating the Pact into action. We will keep you posted on future developments. For further information: m.dubbeling@ruaf.org and h.renting@ruaf.org.

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

full text (pdf)