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Eastern Ontario Local Food Cooperative

*Producer co-op serving several counties
*Offers farm apprenticeship programs, on-line sales and connections to private farmers’ market

Food Down the Road

*  Regional project sponsored by National Farmers’ Union to foster community empowerment around food
*  Seeded sustainable community food initiatives including conferences, linking farmers with eaters through more direct buying links, and building improved linkages throughout the community
*  Provided farmer training and education programs
*  Reinforced links with public health and developed food security program

Just Food Ottawa

*  The vision is that all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, nutritious and culturally-acceptable food for an active and healthy life
*  The principles of ecological sustainability, sustainable livelihoods for food providers, and social justice for all are upheld
*  The local population actively participates in the decision-making processes related to food at municipal, regional, and national levels
*  People have the desire, opportunity, and means to actively engage in all aspects of the food system; and
*  Food is celebrated as central to both culture and community.

Lanark Local Flavour

* Focused on public education on local food, including youth gardens
* Volunteer run and self-financed
*  Innovative fund-raising including seedling sales and a solar array

Wendys Country Market and Mobile Market

*  Combination on-farm market and mobile distribution that links over 70 producers with local restaurants, bed and breakfasts and other businesses
*  Holds regular community events to bring people out to the farm
*  Public education
*  Ontario Premier’s Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Award recipient

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3 thoughts on “Eastern Ontario

  1. Carole Lavigne

    The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network was incorporated in 2010 as a non-profit organization with a mandate and a mission do develop a beter economic structure of the Agri-Food section in Eastern Ontario (EOAN) The EOAN sponsors the promotion and coordination of development initiatives; it also provides support to the implementation of local and regional concrete actions that help expand sales of fresh or processed local products, as well as increase the number of businesses and jobs in the regional agribusiness sector. We provides service on nutrition facts labels for products sold by our local producers, references to other businesses, and technical support for producers with promotional initiatives. We are in the process of developping a tracabeality program for our local meat and our objective is to have a local meat counter in our grocery stores.


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