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Grand River Community Health Centre (GRCHC), Brantford (Brant County)

*  Community health centre with a food systems focus on health promotion
*  Builds the capacity of the community to manage their own food security programs by facilitating initiatives and transferring ownership to the community
*  Since 2009 initiatives have included: the Community Garden Project, the Community Food Advisor Program, and the Community Food Systems Coalition


Good Food Box Network, Hamilton

*  Good food box program that grew from supplying a few boxes to a hundred in a few months
*  Development trajectory that will include multiple types of boxes targeted at different demographics throughout the food box network
*  Developing through a model designed to create financial self-sustainability


Plan B Organic Farm, Hamilton

*  CSA operating successfully and financially self-sustaining for 13 years
*  Short supply chain emphasizing regional trade with small local producers and direct sales to consumers
*  Physical distribution and redistribution hub supplying produce from their farm, other small producers, and another producer/re-distributor directly to consumers
*  Market only through alternative retail models such as the CSA and farmers markets

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