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The Food Hub Future

The Future of Local Food for the Region

March 25, 2015

Day long “Scaling Up Wholesale” workshop organized by Eat Local Sudbury Co-op. Cap the day off with PRESENTING THE DESIGN: A REGIONAL FOOD HUB

The time has come to present the design for the NEW Regional Food Hub to be built by Eat Local Sudbury Co-op. Learn more about our region’s unique Food Hub model that incorporates local food aggregation and food education for consumers, producers and wholesale purchaser.

Presentation is FREE to attend.



When: Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Where: The Motley Kitchen, 70 Younge Street, Sudbury, ON
Time: 5PM-7PM
Cost: $15.00, tickets can be purchased at Eat Local Sudbury (176 Larch St., Sudbury, ON).

Before the ‘Regional Food Hub Presentation’ join us at The Motley Kitchen for some local food and beverages. We want to meet and chat about how the community can participate in the future of local food for the region. After your dinner stay for the presentation of the NEW Regional Food Hub. See you soon!

*Free for ‘Scaling Up Wholesale Workshop’ attendees*

Nova Scotia’s Inspiring Food Co-ops

by Irena Knezevic

Posted on the Local Organic Food Cooperative Network website…

Food and co-ops have an intertwined history. Chronicling co-ops in the United Kingdom, David J. Thompson in his Weavers of Dreams referrers to the consumer co-op as “the pioneer of pure food” and vividly describes how co-ops have influenced food production and consumption in the industrialized world since the early1800s. …read the full post at LOFCN