Building Sustainable Regional Food Systems: two workshops

March 18, 9.30 – 4.00 – Food System Sustainability – Addressing Local Barriers to Success South West Regional Gathering 2013
Grey Bruce Health Unit, 101 17th Street East, Owen Sound
Purpose of the Gathering: To bring together people from diverse sectors to identify and address current challenges to supporting a local, sustainable food system.
Participants of this workshop will:
  1. Better understand the mandates, interests and challenges faced by various sectors involved in our local food system
  2. Discuss and determine what actions might be taken to address these challenges at the local, regional, provincial or national level
  3. Learn about local initiatives which have successfully supported the local food system Identify “next steps” that are timely, relevant and actionable.


March 21, 9.30 – 4.00 – Finance, Farms and Food Forum
Exploring new ways to organize and raise money for sustainable food system projects
1694 Colborne St East, Brantford

This forum provides tools to help farmers and food related businesses to raise funds through the development of co-operatives, and/or by selling community bonds.

  • how conservancies and land trusts can work with retiring farmers to help them get the price they want, while still protecting their farmland
  • how conservancies and land trusts provide long term leases for farmers seeking land, whether it be for a small 2-3 acre market garden or for livestock and crops?

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