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Resilient, Sustainable, and Global Food Security for Health

…a compelling 21st Century challenge that requires transformational solutions

All humanity depends on food security. Needed are resilient food systems to assure the health and well being of a growing world population in the face of unprecedented environmental change and constraints. Three critical dimensions of this challenge are: 1) Production: food system technologies and enterprises must function within agroecological capacities and limits; 2) Distribution: economic gain and social justice must be balanced to assure good food for all; and 3) Adaptability: the physical design and social organization of food systems must be locally adapted, globally interconnected, and grounded equally in culture, technology and science. …

The transformational plan is to repurpose the OSU campuses into a living example of new food agri/cultures that promote health, with students engaged in all phases of this transformation and in all phases of their academic and personal lives. We have also proposed a set of 30 new faculty hires to support this academic, ecological and cultural transformation by creating linkages among our many disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths. To read more, and see the list of 30 positions supported by OSU Discovery Themes funding

National Food Security Forum

Food Institute

Join us for the 2014 National Food Security Forum hosted by University of Guelph’s Food Institute.

Date: February 19 to 20, 2014
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Regular Fee: $60 + HST   |  Full-Time Student Fee: $20 + HST
Fee Includes:  Cocktail Reception, Banquet Dinner, 2 Lunches

Links:  Program Schedule |  Registration Information

This is the second of two consecutive forums designed to showcase Canada’s expertise in global food security as well as to explore and address the physical, biological and socio-economic constraints that limit food production and the ability of people to access a healthy diet.   The Guelph forum will explore food processing, retailing, distributing and consumer trends in the food industry and extend discussions of the food continuum.

For more information, contact program manager,  Erin Camm, ecamm@uoguelph.ca

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Crowdsourcing Sustainable Social Ventures to Link Rural and Urban Well-being

BEEBBEEB, Hives and Local Networks of Empowerment

We believe that to tackle the global issue of food insecurity in a sustainable way it is vital to connect rural and urban communities on low incomes. BEEB is essentially a model of information and organisation that links rural and urban well-being. The two communities escape food insecurity together. Read more

BEEB connects a cooperative of small-holder farmers directly with the slum dwellers using two simple parts: basic cold storage facilities and a mobile phone order and payment system.

Vote for BEEB online! Only 19 days left…


Hult Prize Global On-line Competition

The theme of the 2013 Hult Prize is global food security and will focus on how to get safe, sufficient, affordable and easily accessible food to the 200 million people who live in urban slums – a challenge personally selected by former US President Clinton. Student teams will be charged with developing a sustainable social venture that can accomplish the objective by 2018. View all of the videos for the online competition on the Hult Prize Facebook site.


Empty words won’t fill hungry stomachs

There is good reason to be sceptical about the new initiatives coming out of Davos targeting smallholder farmers.


David Nally and Bhaskar Vira in Al Jazeera English.